Online Classes

These online classes are instantly accessible, and are entirely self-paced and available to you any time to fit your schedule. All content is delivered via video, with supplemental written materials also provided. Please click on the class you are interested in to learn more.

Feel The Peel - Pt 1 - All Things Stencil: On Demand Workshop

Feel The Peel, Pt 2-Advanced Stencil Techniques: On Demand Workshop

Line Work : Secrets Of A (Clay) Scrimshander, Part 1: On Demand Workshop

Line Work : Secrets Of A Clay Scrimshander, Part 2: On Demand Workshop

Texture & Press; Carved Bisque Molds: On Demand Workshop

Pressed & Thrown: Two Part Cups - On Demand Workshop

Exquisite Candelabra: On Demand Workshop

Creative Stencils -The Ceramic School Online Class