Please make yourself at home! Here you can register for Diana’s online classes or in person workshops as well as purchase her one-of-a-kind signature ceramics. Licensing opportunities for Diana’s work are also available.

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What People Are Saying About Diana’s Online Classes

“Diana, thanks for inspiring me! I have found that I am far more creative when I am working in this e-class setting than I am in a classroom! In the class room all my stuff ends up looking like the instructor’s. I guess because when they demo I just naturally go back and try to make my piece look just like theirs. Here I have nothing to think about but the project..wow…who would have thought?!”

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“This course was absolutely wonderful.  It will take me a LONG time to come near mastering these techniques but they will be fun to work on.  The student work was at SUCH a high level, and the enthusiasm generated infectious.”

“I want to learn new techniques- not how to make a product exactly like someone else’s. This is one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed The Clayer so much more than other traditional workshops where I walk out knowing how to make what THEY make and that’s it. I want to learn new skills that inspire MY OWN work, not learn how to copy someone’s else’s recipe for success.”