Online Classes

These online classes instantly accessible, and are entirely self-paced and available to you any time to fit your schedule. All content is delivered via video, with supplemental written materials also provided. Please click on the class you are interested in to learn more.

Please note that these instant access classes do not include direct interaction with Diana Fayt. If you are interested in personal coaching and mentoring from Diana, please click here to learn more.

Instant Access: Surfacing Techniques

Instant Access: Patterns & Molds

Diana Fayt online pottery class

The Clayer: Surfacing Techniques, will teach you techniques to create rich and dynamic surfaces on clay. This e-course will cover various surface applications on clay, which will include; Mishima inlay, mono printing on clay, carving and printing with your own block prints and using those printing blocks to print on clay.

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The Clayer: Patterns & Molds is a new take on surface and form, focusing on creating patterns and rich textures on clay surfaces and making exciting pieces using the techniques you learn. You will learn how to make simple plaster molds, carve intricate patterns into clay to create bisque press molds that we will use to give us deliciously textured surfaces as well as, cut paper into shapes and learn how to create one color and multiple colored stencil patterns. A water abrasion technique for more precise relief work is also covered. Finally, you will learn how to combine all of these techniques together to create pattern rich dynamic pieces, that celebrate your personal style and voice.

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What People Say About Diana’s Online Pottery Classes

“There are no travel expenses, plus you are right there in your studio so you can practice each technique as you learn it, rather than observing a bunch of demos and then trying to remember it all once you get back to your studio. Great video demonstrations, Diana, and thanks for the extras such as Wednesday wonders to get the creative juices flowing.”

“I’m enjoying this so much- even the not so exciting stuff. I approach your lesson in the mind set of “how can I learn from this an make something that’s mine”. I haven’t thought of the class as a lesson to make a ‘Diana Fayt’ piece. I think with the techniques you’re teaching there are soooo many possibilities. I’m learning things that I can apply to my style and I’m loving it.”

“The way Diana teaches has opened windows and doors for me personally, as learning the artist’s method and copying is not in my book. The elements of surprise give me a juicy-ness that keeps me motivated to see what the outcome could be.”